Open LED Sign
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This Best Selling high visibility LED sign has bright white, red, and blue LED lights with three selectable modes: static, tracer, and Vegas. You can even adjust the speed where the special modes flash! LED lights are brighter than traditional neon lights and can be seen in direct sunlight, so it's easy for customers to see when you're ready for business throughout the day and night. Plus, LED lights consume far less energy than traditional neon lights! Its lightweight construction makes it easy to mount to any vertical surface. Two 30" long chains enable the sign to be hung from the ceiling, and a 10' power cord ensures flexibility in placement.

The oval LED open sign measures 21"W x 13"H x 2"D. Requires a 110V electrical connection. Indoor use only. Typically ships within 7 business days.

  • Item #: WEBS-466OP2412RG

Open LED Sign

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